A trip down Vij’s Railway lane



I’ve got some good news and some really good news! I’ll start with a good news…I’ve had a friend visiting from out of town for the last couple of days and yesterday I suggested we go for a stroll around Stanley Park Seawall; he agrees and my brother decides to tag along too. So we finally make our way downtown around 1:30 and start feeling hunger pangs coming on and then it dawns on me.

BAM! I remember that a couple of days ago l discovered there are over 30 food trucks in Vancouver and I have never even been to one of them! Right then and there I made a vow to try all the food trucks, or at least all of the renowned ones this summer and then blog about it. So I used my mind control and dragged my possé to the nearest food truck and it just happened to be Vij’s Railway (which is more than awesome because of how much I love Indian food.)

(Side note: Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love to eat. I love everything about food. The way it smells, they way it looks, the way it tastes and heck! Even the way it makes me feel! I love food and I love to eat.. And I should literally be 500lbs for this sick addiction….buuuut I’m not..so on with the eating.. And this post)

Vij’s is a world famous Indian restaurant located on 11th and Granville st in Vancouver. The reason they hold this prestigious reputation is most because they are unique with their approach to their menu. Vij’s prides themselves on creating dishes that stray away from the traditional way of cooking in a Tandoor oven. They only use local ingredients and take their spices and cooking techniques straight from all regions of India. I have had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant once before and since discovering they have a food truck that wanders the city, I just HAD to try it. Needless to say, a few bites from their food truck location was all it took. You can rest assured I will become a repeat customer, often.

That being said, we tried 3 dishes.. The lamb kabob, butter chicken and the halibut cheek curry. You want my opinion? Well you’re going to get it. Grab a napkin because this calls for some legit drooling.


The Butter Chicken
– This golden nugget may be a timeless classic but leave it up to Vij and he’ll re-invent the wheel! What makes this dish unique is not just its flavorful taste but the crunch! The butter chicken is battered and deep fried which adds even more of complex profile to this already amazing dish. I even liked the rice.. PLAIN. Yea.. And that says a lot.

The Halibut Cheeks Curry
– holy heck I have never and I mean never tasted halibut that was so perfectly cooked before. Literally melting in my mouth with every bite…but the sweet and savoury sauce was the kill factor in this dish. Delicious from beginning to end!

And for my favourite…

The Lamb Kabob
– not sure why its called the Kabob but who cares that this dish isn’t on a stick?! It was completely out of this world. The intense depth of flavours, literally blew my mind. The meat was so moist and perfectly spiced. Not to mention the mint sauce? You can’t have lamb without mint sauce.. It’s like have a PB&J sandwich without the PB or J or bread for that matter. This dish is nothing short of perfection. It’s like heroin to a food addict. No joke.

This trip was everything I had imagine and hoped for it to be. And just think, this is the their FOOD TRUCK. People, if you haven’t tried Vij’s Railway or the restaurant drop what you’re doing now and get your ass out there, it’s time for your #Indiancoma. It will be worth every bit of your time, money and taste buds. I promise.

OH! and I almost forgot. The 3 gentlemen working that day even gave us a free mango drink each! It was such a nice gesture, although I’m pretty sure it was because they had never had a customer that was so damn enthusiastic about trying their food. I was literally squealing..so maybe it was just to shut me up?? I guess we’ll never know.. oh well, I’m okay with that too.

Now on to the next one.. Foodie’s stay stuned.

– A.