Monday MUST Haves – Michael Kors Jet Set Deco Duo

Well here it is lovely’s the latest Monday MUST Have! Michael Kors just recently released their new spring trends and I must say they’ve got me green with envy. Once this blasted weather starts to warm up and finally move us into spring you’ll see lots of black and whites, blues and greens and bold prints. I myself am looking forward to picking up this beauty below:

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.18.53 PM

As soon as I laid my baby hazel’s on this beaute I could feel my eyes widen and a tiny smirk creep up on my face. The crazy optic print along with the bold freshness of the green will add a nice punch to any outfit. The only downside? It may be a little soon to be sportin’ this bag but fear not! I’ve got just the perfect fix..

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.03.27 PMScreen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.03.41 PM

Yes. The matching multifunction phone case. It has a little spot for your iPhone and maybe even room for a lipstick… which makes it easy to dump the bag (not that you’d ever literally dump it) and use it as a wristlet to quickly run into a store or out for a lunch. And ladies, we all know that if it can’t carry at least our phone, money and a lipstick then it ain’t happening right?

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.41.06 PMAnd if either of those items seem a little on the pricier side or maybe just not your style then this little hunk of metal is sure to do it for you. A funky gold chain ring – who wouldn’t want it? Someone’s gonna have to tell 2 Chainz he’s met is match, the stylish match that is…



– A.


Travel tote – $298.00

Multifunction Phone Case – $108.00

Chain Ring – $65.00


Do YOU Lulu?


Do YOU Lulu?

So I was surfing the net the other day and came across the latest addition in Facebook apps. Cosmopolitan has even gone as far as to describe it as “Sex and the City marries facebook”. With that being said, Lulu is the name and rating men is the game. This clever little app is for women only, it connects you to all your male friends and allows you to rate them anonymously.

And upon learning of this I had to check it out for myself. The verdict? It’s flipping hilarious! Although it’s a relatively new app and needs to gain more users the ratings are quite amusing. While checking out the ratings I did one of two things. I either gasped and threw my hand over my mouth in utter shock or I nearly choked from laughing so hard.


With a variety of categories such as sex, humour, looks and more your answers give a rating out of 10. In addition to being anonymous, it keeps all activity off of Facebook allowing women to be brutally honest be it good or bad. The best part? After you’ve rated [him] you can choose from a number of pre-made hashtags to add to their profile without leaving too much of a personal opinion. The hashtags by the way, are fricken hilarious – #selfabsorbed #porneducated #50waysfromfuckedup #hotncold and of course the good ones like #opensdoors #loveshisfamily #sexualpanther #dudecancook and many more…
(notice how I place the sexualpanther in the good category *winks*) haha

Now, while this app is one-sided some may argue that it’s unfair and gives only a biased review there’s no doubt, that who ever said crackbook couldn’t get any more addicting was wrong. Rewind 8 years… Anyone remember Hot or Not?!

Anyways, this is going to open up a whole new facet to the dating world. I can see it now heads are going to roll.. Eventually the male version app will surface and before you know it people will be asking each other on dates and instead of saying yes or no the response will be “I don’t date hashtag mamasboys with hashtag hygenicallychallenged hashtag 6.5’s” or ” hashtag cantleavehousewithoutmakep hashtag daddyissues, hashtag golddigging 7.2, are you kidding me? No thanks”

So let me ask you a question, if you seen your brother or best friend on there would you rate them? Better yet, what about your best friends boyfriend? If it was an anonymous opinion would it really matter how honest you were? Would you even think twice? This gets me thinking about all the things people do when they think no one is watching or that they will get away with it. Any of my fellow readers out there caught a fellow driver picking their nose? Haha yea we’ve all seen it… Picking it like there’s no tomorrow.. Going for the gold… Olympic style! (ahh, I crack myself up sometimes) Getting all excited and shit when they finally get that booger they’ve been concentrating hard on grabbing for the last 1.5 minutes of their life. Yea we’ve ALL seen that before… annnd that’s 1.5 minutes of my life I can’t get back…

What I’m getting at is what is it in your life that you would do if no one was watching? If you were guaranteed to not get caught? Judging by the rapid rate of decline in humanities morality it’s highly likely that most people would do something relatively naughty like cheat on a spouse or partner or better yet rob a bank but this brings me to wonder.. If we are thinking about doing something we know we shouldn’t and it’s in the back of our minds, then is it not possible that our subconscious will someday eventually cause us to act out consciously? And if you’re not happy with someone or something in your life – this could one day turn out to be a scary thing. Never-the-less I think it’s safe to say that we need to make sure we’re in touch with our TRUE selves each and everyday. Not lying to one another about ourselves but more importantly not lying to OURSELVES. Being honest is always the best policy but it only works best if we practice it before we get to a place of no return. And if by chance you enter the point of no return then honesty is still the way to go because it’s the only thing that helps to mend the distrust that follows. Either way honesty helps build better relationships and prevent mistakes down the road.

Now provided that was a little heavy, this leads me to think, could Lulu be a way of helping people be more honest? Help people get a more accurate, real picture of each other? Or could this eventually make women distrust and hate men more than they already do (don’t even get me started on this one..) Well, there’s only one way to find out….

– A.

Retail Theralympics – The eBay Cleanse


I have recently discovered that when I actually have money I can afford to spend and then go out to spend it, it seems as if I have the intent of purchasing but fail miserably every time. I’ve bought a few handfuls of things off of eBay before and with amazing savings. This has got me pondering and I’ve come to realization that whenever I find something that I want and then look at the price tag and nearly vomit, I usually mutter to myself something to the tune of “oh I could find that cheaper… oh I can make that sheiit myself”, but then I never do. I go home even more depressed than when I started and then I never seem to follow through with finding a better price or actually buying anything at all..

So after my last post and a quickie chat with my girl, I got to thinking… With the Olympics on right now and everyone in the mindset of going for gold, why don’t I challenge myself to go for the RETAIL Gold for unbeatable prices? Why don’t we call it THE RETAIL THERALYMPICS? (get it? Retail Therapy? Olympics?….haha genius!!!) And the first game can be the  eBay “cleanse”, because any time you try to change old habits you should start it with some type of cleanse right?

shoppingolympicsSo here are The eBay Cleanse rules:

1. I have to purchase one COMPLETE outfit (clothes, purse, shoes & accessories) – this is to prove to you (well and myself) that great style can be found for CHEAP.

2. Only new items – just to showcase that brand new things can be bought for sale prices (unless it’s a really  FRICKEN-AWESOME-MUST-HAVE-ONE-OF-A-KIND, kind of item that’s used then this rule doesn’t count.)

3. Shipping fees don’t count.

4. eBay ONLY purchases – I should hope that this is self-explanatory.

Once I receive the items I will post pictures with info on each item such as price, brand, material etc so that you can get a better idea of what it is that I’m paying for. The point of all this is to prove that I don’t have to stop dining out to be able to look great (refer to my previous post) and that if you have a little bit of patience and tenacity you can have pretty much anything you want. And after this challenge is completed I will devise another challenge to do with retail therapy and savvy shopping. So, are you ready for this?

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Let the Retail Theralympics begin!

– A.

ermagaad, am I crazy? nah, this one’s in the bag……….

……….okay, I might be freaking out juuuuust a teeensy bit… wish me luck..