Retail Theralympics – The eBay Cleanse


I have recently discovered that when I actually have money I can afford to spend and then go out to spend it, it seems as if I have the intent of purchasing but fail miserably every time. I’ve bought a few handfuls of things off of eBay before and with amazing savings. This has got me pondering and I’ve come to realization that whenever I find something that I want and then look at the price tag and nearly vomit, I usually mutter to myself something to the tune of “oh I could find that cheaper… oh I can make that sheiit myself”, but then I never do. I go home even more depressed than when I started and then I never seem to follow through with finding a better price or actually buying anything at all..

So after my last post and a quickie chat with my girl, I got to thinking… With the Olympics on right now and everyone in the mindset of going for gold, why don’t I challenge myself to go for the RETAIL Gold for unbeatable prices? Why don’t we call it THE RETAIL THERALYMPICS? (get it? Retail Therapy? Olympics?….haha genius!!!) And the first game can be the  eBay “cleanse”, because any time you try to change old habits you should start it with some type of cleanse right?

shoppingolympicsSo here are The eBay Cleanse rules:

1. I have to purchase one COMPLETE outfit (clothes, purse, shoes & accessories) – this is to prove to you (well and myself) that great style can be found for CHEAP.

2. Only new items – just to showcase that brand new things can be bought for sale prices (unless it’s a really  FRICKEN-AWESOME-MUST-HAVE-ONE-OF-A-KIND, kind of item that’s used then this rule doesn’t count.)

3. Shipping fees don’t count.

4. eBay ONLY purchases – I should hope that this is self-explanatory.

Once I receive the items I will post pictures with info on each item such as price, brand, material etc so that you can get a better idea of what it is that I’m paying for. The point of all this is to prove that I don’t have to stop dining out to be able to look great (refer to my previous post) and that if you have a little bit of patience and tenacity you can have pretty much anything you want. And after this challenge is completed I will devise another challenge to do with retail therapy and savvy shopping. So, are you ready for this?

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Let the Retail Theralympics begin!

– A.

ermagaad, am I crazy? nah, this one’s in the bag……….

……….okay, I might be freaking out juuuuust a teeensy bit… wish me luck..