The Obsessive Compulsive Sushi Disorder

So this is day two in a row of ordering sushi for lunch. Lately I can’t seem to get enough.. It’s like a craving I can’t stop.. I’m convinced that my body is obviously lacking something. It’s either that or my stomach and ass are trying to tell me it’s had enough of the fast food cleanse and craving sushi is the only way it has a chance of getting some type of nourishment in me without making me feel like I’ve hit the salad bar and without making me gain a trillion pounds in weight. I mean let’s face it, have you ever seen a fat Japanese person? Come to think of it, I don’t even think they exist…

Anyways so I sit down and order my food and if anyone knows me, when I order food I usually have at least one type of modification (but it’s usually more). Now, before you go rolling your eyes at me thinking “oh she’s one of those, better get a pad of paper out customers” then stop it. First of all I used to be a server for a long as I remember, so I understand and have heard it ALL and second I’m allowed to have preferences damn it. At least my modifications make sense and don’t alter the item so much so that it changes from a chicken sandwich to chicken salad (Like I said I’ve heard it allllllllll before).

5 minutes pass and my food arrives and to my horror…………. I forgot one mod. And only the most important mod of all. I hate imitation crab. I hate the way it tastes, looks, feels, smells you name it. I hate it and of course I forget to ask for, yep you guessed it NO CRAB MEAT.
Well instead of complaining and sending it back (cause it was my fault and by the way it’s not usually a problem when you send something back, it’s when you’re a complete asshole about it that you suck. Us servers will usually bend over backwards to please our customers unless you’re an a-hole – then you deserve whatever shitty service you’re going to get from there on out.)

So this is when my OCD kicks in. I’m like “ahhh whatever, I’ll just pick it out. And because my OCD is in full force today, I have to make sure every damn sliver of crab is out. The result? See for yourself…..


As you can see above it would appear to any other I individual that I am in fact, crazy. Well, I will have you know that I am NOT crazy, I just have very specific preferences that enable me to feel very strongly about keeping my delicate internal happy meter in perfect balance at all times. This makes me a happy person, which in turn makes you a happy person and if you are a happy person then the world is made better just by enabling my OCD err, I mean specific preferences to be utilized. If the world is made better just by one person being happy because I am happy, then it’s all worth it… Isn’t it?

Moral of the story? Leave the poor OCD’ers of the world alone and let us continue to live out our preferences in peace.

– A.