Monday MUST Haves!

Hey folks! I know it’s a little laaater in the day but every Monday from here on out I’m going to try (try being the operative word here) make a post about any new things I’ve discovered that I just simply  MUST HAVE! So, today I was just randomly surfing the net (wait, do people still even call it that nowadays?) and came across this:

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 8.51.13 PM

It’s only the cuuuuuutest tissue holder I ever did saw! It retails for about $39.99 – $45.99 depending on whether you buy it on or through Sparkly Pony on This is great for a kids bedroom or even a whimsical treat for an adults blue themed powder room. And get this! There are different colors and animals available too – sooo adorable, say whaaat?!

Regardless of where it’s home is, every time I look at this I smile. Who wouldn’t want a whale ‘blowing’ their nose?!

– A.

Shopping Links:–Surf-Blue-by-Sparkly-Pony-eclectic-bath-and-spa-accessories-


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