Epic. Nail. Fail.


Yea so as you can see above I decided to get a little crazy with my nail design. Since alllll the cool girls are doing it and it’s all the rage lately I thought it would be fun to paint my nails with a funky design and provided it was my first time, I think I did a half decent job n’est-ce pas??

And while I did an OK job, it definitely could have been better but heck, it was my first time so cut me some slack already! So at this point I’m like “hey not bad girl!” stroking my ego a bit and already thinking of ways I can make it better and use better products etc etc.. And then I look over I at my right hand……………………………….



My heart sinks and to much dismay I realize I’d forgotten to do my right hand. And then a double whammy! My dominant hand IS my right hand… Soooo that basically means that since my left hand looks somewhat decent, my right hand IF I do it will look like crap. No longer am I patting myself on the back but rather kicking myself in the ass for letting myself get ahead of myself and celebrate an “accomplishment” before it was actually accomplished. What a twat eh?!

Never- the-less next time around I’m thinking I’m going try using a nail PEN instead of polish. Yea that thought occurred to me AFTER I spent a solid hour doing my ONE hand…………

Despite the epic nail fail, I have learned something quite valuable… Don’t get too big for your britches. Ha.

– A.


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