btb. (back to bloggin’)

Well, I’m not going to lie… This feels vaguely familiar… and yes, it’s been a while. And no, I have no intention of promising weekly posts (again) because for some reason it never works. The idea of speaking out daily or weekly sounds fantastically doable… But then you couple that ambitious spirit with the reality of life and laziness and you get a post once every few months.. If that at all.

So. Here I am proposing that I take it easy, maintain no expectations and most of all continue to remind myself that a post doesn’t have to be a monologue to be considered great. Most of all, I hope to be able to stay true to exactly what my blog is named.. Life, love and fashion. Here’s to giving it, yet another go and here’s to not guilting myself when I realize the last post I made was 8 months ago………..

……….Crud. Ok Let’s be honest.. The chances of me failing miserably seem to be staggeringly high.. Lol.. Ahh heck, what’s another try anyways? After all Thomas Edison only had to make the light bulb a thousand different ways before he found one that worked right? … and considering I’m not inventing or reinventing the wheel or anything for that matter, I think this is encouraging news!

4 failed attempts to blog – 996 more to go :D

– A.


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