keep. it. simple.

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Yes. I know what you’re thinking. “HOLY BALLS THIS WOMAN HAS MADE TWO POSTS IN THREE DAYS?” Yea. Maybe I’m turning a corner here.. maybe this will be more frequent, maaaaybe not. Guess you’ll just have to keep tuning in to see! Anyways, I came across a photo the other day that struck a chord with me. Why do we tend to avoid problems, refuse to solve conflict and prolong forgiveness? Why is it that no one wants to deal with anything more than they perceive they are capable of? We seem to do everything in our power to go around, beside, over or under our problems in the hopes that maybe one day it will just solve itself. We avoid conflict like the plague (well some of us) and continue to throw fuel the fire when we let issue’s, even little ones, slide under our radar.

If you want to live a long and happy healthy life (provided you don’t get a unpreventable illness) then stop doing what everyone else does and start taking control of your life. I’m talking about real control. It takes courage to face your problems and strength to see them through. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s that Your words mean everything until your actions don’t follow. Simply put, if you say you’re going to be somewhere, BE THERE. If you love someone, TELL them. If you want to try something daring or different, DO IT. Stop living your life in the shadow of opportunity because the only place it will get you is to the valley of regret.

Now, if you were there, you told them and you did it and it still didn’t yield the results you expected then suck it up and move on. Life almost never goes the way you planned. It’s uncontrollable and too many times we focus on what we don’t have or didn’t get only to miss out on what we were really meant to have. If we start to focus less on the destination and more on the journey we actually learn to enjoy life no matter how it unfolds. They say when one door closes a window opens right? Well this only holds truth to those that are willing to see it. There’s a little quote I came up with, and yea I’m taking the credit because I’ve never heard it from anyone else sooo …..”Live as if you already have it and love as if you’ve already lost it. – a.l.b”  If we learn to live life as if we already have everything we need and could want we will recondition ourselves to be happy. If we learn to love as we do when we know it’s already too late, we will love with an unconditional, unselfish fierce kind of love. Don’t you want that kind of life?? I do.

So just remember that a lot of the difficulties or upsets in our lives WE, yes I said we, cause and fortunately they are preventable. However no issue gets solved by chance but rather CHANGE. Change the reaction and you change the outcome. Change the pattern/habits and you change the reaction. See what I mean? By keeping things simple we create less complications and havoc in our lives and in turn less stress on ourselves and those around us. Boiling things down to what they really are and doing what we really mean

In short. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Keep. It Simple…and in order to get there all it takes is to CHANGE one thing at a time.

– A.


summer is here, it’s ob’SESH’ion time.

Ya ya ya, i know… it’s been a while…again. Geez. If I knew how to get my sh*t together and post every week don’t you think I’d have done it by now? Nevertheless, my apologies.. I know you all love and miss my clever banter and opinionated views….orrrr not. I prefer the first but that’s just MY opinion.. So, here is another yet another post! Hold on to it cause you never know when the next one will be.. heh heh.

With heat waves fast approaching it’s time for a summer ob’SESH’ion lesson! I’ve been looking around at all the new and latest and greatest things popping up and I couldn’t help but want to tell you what I’ve fallen in love with.

Image1. Maxi Dresses

It’s nothing new but since they made a comeback a few years back, they’ve managed to stay front and center with each passing summer. With a variety of bold prints and colors, flowing silhouettes, and billowy fabrics this type of summer attire is a sure fire winner with every size AND looks great on practically every shape. However, even though these dresses have the power to elongate nearly everyone, word to the wise, ie: vertically challenged folks (sorreey!), be careful in choosing a dress that is too long because it will make you look as if you are drowning in your dress. Pick dresses that emphasize your waist to break up the vertical lines, maybe even try on ones with asymmetrical lengths like short in the front and long in the back which are very cute and very in.


2. Chunky Platform Heels

I can’t seem to get enough of the chunk! Well, on the feet that is.. I definitely could use a little less chunk in my trunk if you catch what I’m throwing, ehh eh? Annnyways, I don’t know why people only seem to love this style of shoe/heel when they get plastered all over the magazines and internet but they are absolutely amazing. They give you perfect height and just the right amount of attention to your tootsies because they are show stoppers! I love every color and style, especially ones with straps. So 60’s mod and I love that at ANY time of the year; it’s an all around FAV for me. So when choosing a pair, if you’re not crazy about color or prints, go for simple tones like black (pictured about) or a pastel rose. Still makes a statement but not too much. If you’re like me, pick bold colors and the higher the shoes the better. They go great with high-waisted shorts (which are also making a comeback), the maxi dresses we talk about like 2 seconds ago and even trousers (for work).


3. Color-Blocked Purses

Ooo-la-laaa! Everyone HAS to get one of these! Again, I absolutely love the, yep you guessed it, the BOLD colors and the best part is that with a variety of colors in on bag, it’s versatile with every outfit. Pair this with a solid skirt/dress and soft patterned top and you’re walking statement!


4. Mew Mew!

First of all, if you haven’t noticed by now a lot of the designs this summer are inspired from the 60’s and once again… I LOVE IT! These sunglasses are my top MUST-HAVE this summer. I am head over heels for these ‘Mew Mew’ beauties, they come in many different colors with my favorite being the Tortoise frames. Pictured above are the gold glittered frames by designer Miu Miu and while they cost a whopping $500 they are worth every little penny; your face will thank you and that new smile may even help you get a few new digits this summer. #justsayin ;)


5. Mirror, Mirror on the nail?

And last but not least, who said you can’t stare at yourself in the nail?! Not sure how popular this are at the moment but I love how you can pair a really pretty outfit with bad boy mirror- like nails such as these and still look like a trendsetter without being seen as punk. These specific nails are press-ons however they do come in the nail strips. Personally I think the press-ons will look better but either will be perfect to give that summer look the polish that it needs, literally!! I need me a pair of these, please!!

Well there you have it. My summer fav’s for 2013.. You’ve been summer ob’SESH’d!

– A.