a born again virgin? hardly.


Okay, this isn’t my first blogging rodeo but hopefully it’ll be the last one that works. I started another blog over a year ago, same name, same idea but for whatever reason I just wasn’t inspired enough to write on a regular basis. So this time around I figured I’d start fresh with a “new” website and instead of convincing myself I have to write a monologue every post, I figure I can still be charming, witty and insightful with a more condensed version. I hope to have a bigger fan base, not because I want to be popular but rather I would like you [the readers] to enjoy stepping into a world that’s interesting, chaotic, funny and hopefully thought provoking at the right times; this might even help me realize I’m not the only fish that jumps out of water from time to time.

So, here’s to the some of the funniest comments, most shocking moments, heartfelt honesty and genuine opinions you’ll ever get! And don’t be afraid to comment, I like a challenge…



— For the curious at heart, check out http://www.lifeloveandfashionaffair.blogspot.ca for a sample of what you’re in store for —

p.s.  I have no fricken idea how to use the website yet, so bear with me..


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